ProjectEthos.TV Launches Runway Video Channel

ProjectEthos.TV is LA’s First Live Streaming Runway

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For the first time ever, the diverse talent and all of the action will all be captured on camera for ProjectEthos.TV and shown to viewers worldwide.

“After holding events in cities throughout the West Coast, we realized that our participants need more exposure than to what’s in their own back yard. is the answer and will reach a thousand times the people that an event can, creating a powerhouse direct-to-consumer model,” said Jason Peskin, Founder and CEO.

Following the fashion show will certainly be an experience in itself with hosts Jin&Quinn at the helm. The “event within an event” will feature its own live performances, DJs, fashion show and other entertainment to be announced.

Project Ethos showcases emerging fashion, music and art to buyers, media and consumers through live events and the World Wide Web.

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